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Awards & Recognition

 At Forever Daddys Girls Loving Hands Home Healthcare Agency we are more than just an agency that provides non-medical services. We go out into the community and try to help in any way that we can. We have an Awards and Recognition program as well as Scholarship’s that we offer to the community. Our newest endeavor this year is teaming up with Daddys Girls Loving Hands Non-Profit.

Award's & Recognition


Sarah L Jackson Star Award

Sarah L Jackson was a woman who was a matriarch a pillar in her community. She was God fearing and did whatever to help keep the church running. This is what she did and who she was. She was loved by many. The reason for this award is to honor those who might not get the recognition they deserve. Or they may not even want but to let that individual know that we see you and we at Forever Daddys Girls Loving Hands Home Healthcare Agency appreciate at you. That you inspire us to continue to use our loving hands in the community and to make a difference.

Arlene Harvey Golden Girl Award 


A woman of great stature, strength, and purpose.  Arlene like so many of us had some struggles in her life, which made her an even stronger individual.  She overcame and excelled in her life, making God the focal point.  Arlene commitment her life at an early age but reunited with a vengeance.  Giving her whole heart, mind and body to her children, family, and church family.  She did whatever she could for all parties concerned, even with some health issues she didn’t let that stop her, she pressed on.  Arlene Harvey a woman who overcame against all odds, a woman deserving of this honor. 


Forever Daddys Girls Loving HHHA Above & Beyond Award

This award is for anyone who has went over and beyond without being asked. This person is one who I can depend on to keep me on my toes. Most of all this person really has shown me that not only do they understand our mission and vison but that they live it!  This person is loving and caring and compassionate. This person gives more of their self and gets little in return.


To be nominated in next year's gala please fill out nominee application below and return it to Altovise Lewis President at fax# 412-230-8457 or to


Submission Dates:  September 24th until January 24th, 2023

Nominee Chosen date: February 15th

Nominee Notification: February 15th


Sarah L Jackson Application

Arlene Harvey Application

Forever Daddys Girls Loving HHHA Above & Beyond Application


All nominees will be notified of venue for Gala recognition by February 15th and are required to attend and participate.



For more information, please contact Altovise Lewis at 412-857-3524 ext. 1002 or



Ernest C. Moye Jr Scholarship


Any high school graduate or person with a GED, any adult who wants to further their education in healthcare field may apply for a $500 scholarship once a year. (This scholarship is offered through FDG)

Requirements:  Obtain application form below or from Carolyn Moye at 412-307-1863 or by emailing Then submit application with essay to Carolyn Moye at fax # 412-230-8501 or by email  and wait for response.


Submission Dates:  September 24th until May 15th, 2023

Scholarship Nominee Selection:  June 15th

Recipient Notified: August 15th  


All scholarship recipients are required to attend our Gala if 21 year or older or make a power point presentation of them giving a speech about them receiving the scholarship. This will be played at the Gala.

Ernest C. Moye Application

For more information, please contact Carolyn Moye at 412-857-3524 ext. 1004 or

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