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About Us

Meet The Founder

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Altovise Lewis


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Valerie Branch

Activities Director

About Us

Forever Daddys Girls Loving Hands Home Healthcare Agency was started by two friends that are like heavenly sister who met through their children who also became best friends at daycare.

In late May of 2018 Altovise Lewis’ dad became  terminally ill and needed a lot of care. During this extremely stressful and difficult time is when Valerie Branch became his nursing assistant.  During that time the both of them discovered that they were both like “daddy’s girls” throughout the years.

In 2020 Altovise lost her father. The two of them remember the fears and worries that Ernest (her father) had. They both love helping others and share a healthcare background as well as being active in the community. The two came together and developed a plan to make a difference in the lives of others.

To R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Respecting our clients it is our number one priority. Empathy we will give time again and again. Sincere care you will receive, leaving you with dignity. Personable plans to fit each of your needs. Extension of our loving hands you will receive. Caring and compassionate to everyone we meet. Thankful that you chose us. 


The primary focus will be assisting geriatric patients and providing resources to those who need them. Our major goal and inspiration is providing dignity and respect to everyone.  


This is something that all of us want when we cannot help ourselves.


  In Memory Of  

 Ernest Moye 

Meet The Staff

Dir. of Operations

Carolyn Moye

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Ernest Moye, III

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HR / Biller

Chanelle Holmes

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